Tosea EURASIA Navid .co|Organizer of 4rd Floor Covering, Moquette, Machine made Carpet & Related Industries Exhibition 2012|Mission Statement


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Mission Statement
To gain technology and technical development, expand sales markets, resist against foreign competitors under joining the WTO agreement, and to improve efficiency and production system; Iranian bodies and enterprises have:

- To inform about new work criteria and a variety of production, and developed market standards by attending international specialized exhibitions, also to succeed in market development and manufacturing company improvement through contracting mutual cooperation agreements

- To inform about new, complex marketing techniques in export and international levels and cover new sales fields for their goods and services

- To contract investment and technical cooperation agreements in order to develop enterprise and enhance technical and managerial capability

Through legal merging of three companies, Eurasia Navid was formed as a consortium. Due to its long experience and successful services, the company knows well about strategies for organizing and conducting international exhibitions and international marketing and sales techniques. The knowledge of foreign financial and investment markets enables the company to offer business realted services to Iranian enterprises, leading to fill information and operational gaps in this field. Our aim and policy are not solely to make a profit. In stead, we attempt to help the enterprises, as we believe our country’s national ability and economic development and its proper position within international system, according to our historical background, national talents and relative benefits of the country. We seek to share a part in the country development, hope to expand the national life in international area to eternity.

If Iranceases to exist, then I cease to exist.