Tosea EURASIA Navid .co|Organizer of 4rd Floor Covering, Moquette, Machine made Carpet & Related Industries Exhibition 2012|Company Members


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Company Members
Forouzan Ziyadlou; Chairman and Head of Investment Services, MS in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
Davoud Kashefi; Vice chairman and chief of merchant services, BA in Business Management
Mohsen Yasemi; Managing Director, BS in Industrial Management
Azim Dast Fal; board member and director of exhibition affairs, BA
Kaveh ZIayd Lou; Manager of Conferences, BS in computer science
Kouros Seddighi; economic consultant, PhD in economics
Houshang Shahidi; Planning Consultant, Master of Social Sciences
Ahad Molabashi; Economics Consultant, MS in Engineering Industry
Sayareh Heidari Vala; business and marketing expert, BA in Business Management
Afshin Afshar; expert of exhibitions, BA
Ali Akbar Kashefi; Director of website information; BS in computer
Parinaz Eftekhar Nouri; Expert of Services Management, BS in Graphic

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